O Level IOT MCQ Question

O Level IOT MCQ Question

This article lists 100 IOT MCQs for o level students. All the O Level IoT MCQ Question  given below includes solution and link wherever possible to the relevant topic.

IoT interconnects the different physical objects that we see around us. The different objects such as the lighting system in a room, lights, fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, micro Owens, so on. The each and everything that we see around us that we use at our homes, in businesses, in workplaces, everything being internetworked, so this is the whole vision of internetwork of things.


The IOT is both software and hardware-based technology and the example for the IOT is smart cities. The low power embedded systems, cloud computing, availability of big data, networking connection are the main components in IOT.

The house, virtual environment, regional office, transportation, medical & health care, smart energy & utilities, smart agriculture & manufacturing, etc are the applications of IOT. The benefits of IOT are they are efficient in using things at home & in industries, saving time, saving money & energy.

gjhSome of the drawbacks of an IOT are security & privacy issues, lack of technical knowledge, internet & power connectivity dependence, time-consuming & expensive to implement. The intelligence, scalable, security, heterogeneity are the characteristics of IOT.

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