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Computer MCQ Question And Answers

Hello Friends, Today we are sharing some useful Computer MCQ Question And Answers  This pdf  is very useful various competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, RRB etc. You may download the pdf from the link provided given below.

The Computer Knowledge or the Computer Awareness section is an integral part of many major competitive exams syllabus conducted in the country.

We share Basic Computer Knowledge Questions and Answers, Mastguru Computer for your  exam preparation in Hindi and English. Basic Computer Knowledge is one of the most important sections in the entire competitive, Campus and entrance online test. Evaluate your Basic Knowledge of Computer skills, Online Computer Test in Hindi by trying the online Computer Knowledge Test.
Computer Awareness MCQ and Computer Knowledge Questions Answers are important in ssc, upsc, ibps and competitive examination and entrance tests.

5000+ Computer Question And Answers PDF which will help you in all your exams. We are also sharing Computer Practice Set PDF and Basic & Fundamental Computer Questions PDF.


Q 1. Which programs reduce the size of the files so that they occupy lesser space on the disk?

(A)  Backup

(B) Uninstall Program

(C)  File Compression

(D)  Disk Cleanup

Q 2.  Popular network operating systems include all of the following EXCEPT

(A) NetWare

(B) Windows NT Server

(C)  Windows XP

(D) Microsoft DOS

Q 3. Type of software that can be described as “end-user” software


(B) application software

(C) system software

(D) operation software

Q 4 ________provides the user interface, controls the computers resources and runs programs.

(A) Drivers

(B) Desktop

(C) Operating system

(D) Menus

Q 5. ______________utility identifies non essential files on the hard disk and erases them only when user allows their erasure.

(1) Backup

(2) Uninstall Program

(3) File Compression

(D) Disk Cleanup

Q 6. Which of these operating system does not have a graphical user interface ?

(1) Windows 95

(2) Mac OS

(3) Linux

(D) Ms Dos

Q 7.  GUI stands for

(A) Graphical User Interest

(B) Greater User Interface

(C) Graphical User Interface

(D) Graphical Union Interface

Q 8. _______ are also known as Service programs.

(A) OS

(B) Device Drivers

(C) Utilities

(D) Desktop

Q 9. ______is a 16-bit code designed to support international languages like Chinese and Japanese.

(A) Unicode



(D) Digital

Q 10. Following are the units of memory.

(A) Megabytes

(B) Gigabytes

(C) Bytes

Q 11. From the given list, which is not a type of Memory Chip





Q 12. The smallest unit in a digital system is a

(1) Mega Byte

(2) text

 (3) bit

(D) character

Q 13. ALU performs two types of operations,_____

(A) Arial and CIrcular

(B) Arithmetic and  Logical

(C) Central and circular

(D) Arial and Linear

Q 14. ROM stands for

(A) Read Access memory

(B) Read only memory

(C) Random Access Memory

(D) Raw Access Memory

Q 15. “Microprocessor” and “Memory” are the important component of ___

(A) System unit

(B) Input Devices

(C) Desktop

(D) Output Device

Q 16. Which among the following is smallest in size ?

(A) Notebooks System unit

(B) Tablet PC’s

(C) PDA System Unit

(D) Desktop System unit

Q 17. A 32 bit word computer can access____ bytes at a time.

(A) 4

(B) 16

(C) 32

(D) 8

Q 18. Which of these is not an output device?

(A) Monitor

(B) Plotter

(C) Joystick

(D) Printer

Q 19. Ink-jet, laser and thermal are common types of_____.

(A) Keyboard

(B) Mouse

(C) Monitors

(D) Printers

Q 20. Which is the most  Common type of Audio-Output Device.

(A) Monitor

(B) Speaker

(C) Keyboard

(D) Printer

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Q 21. The most important characteristic of a monitor is 

(A) Clarity

(B) Dot pitch

(C) Resolution

(D) Refresh rate

Q 22. The keyboard keys that are labeled F1, F2 and so on are called

(A) Typewriters keys

(B) Function keys

(C) Special purpose keys

(D) Numeric keys

Q 23. Which of the the following device is not from pointing type of device?

(A) Mouse

(B) Touch screen

(C) Keyboard

(D) Joystick

Q 24. Which of the following device is used to play fast computer games?

(A) Touch Surface

(B) Touch screen

(C) Joystick

(D) Track ball.

Q 25. ________translates and executes program at run time line by line
(A) Compiler
(B) Interpreter
(C) Linker
(D) Loader

Q 26. Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail is known as
(A) Spam
(B) Trash
(C) Calibri
(D) Courier

Q 27. Which among the following is responsible for allocating IP addresses and managing the domain name system?
(A) Domain name warehousing
(B) Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers
(C) Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
(D) None of these

Q 28. A generic name for Intel processors released after the original 8086 processor is ______ ?
(A) Pentium
(B) x86
(C) Pentium 286
(D) None of these

Q 29. A network that is connected to the Internet, but uses encryption to scramble all the data sent through the Internet is called ?
(A) My network
(B) Virtual private Network
(C) Social Network
(D) None of these

Q 30. The software tool that enable a user to interact with computer for a specific purpose are known as?
(A) Application
(B) Hardware
(C) Networked software
(D) None of these

Q 31. The performance of a hard drive or other storage device , meaning how long it takes to locate a file is called ?
(A) Response Time
(B) Access Time
(C) Quick Time
(D) None of these

Q 32. The word bandwidth is also used to mean ________?
(A) width of the data cable
(B) number of the computers on a particular network
(C) amount of data transferred
(D) None of these

Q 33. Which of the following tool is not normally used during system analysis?
(A) Program flow chart
(B) Grid chart
(C) Question check list
(D)None of these

Q 34. In order to save word document as a web page you need to?
(A) put the appropriate graphics and links on the document
(B) save the document in simple text format
(C) use your web browser as an editor and save as URL
(D)save as HTML

Q 35. The ______ of system includes the programs or instructions.
(A) hardware
(B) icon
(C) software
(D) information

Q 36. The advantage of DRAM is ?
(A) It is cheaper than SRAM
(B) It can store more than that of SRAM
(C) It is faster than SRAM
(D) None of these
(E) Both A and C

Q.37. A word in a web page that, when clicked, opens another document is called ___
(A) anchor
(B) hyperlink
(C) reference

Q.38. One Terabyte (1 TB) is equal to?
(A) 1028 GB
(B) 1012 GB
(C) 1000 GB
(D) 1024 GB

Q.39. Which operating system is developed and used by Apple Inc?
(A) Windows
(B) Android
(C) iOS

Q.40. Which of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest?
(A) Character, File, Record, Field, Database, File
(B)Character, Record, Field, Database, File
(C)Character, Field, Record, File, Database
(D)Bit, Byte, Character, Record, Field, File, Database

Q 41. Which of these networks is usually the fastest?
(D) All the networks are equally fast

Q 42. Which of the following is a general-purpose network?
(a) Storage Area Network (SAN)
(b) Local Area Network (LAN)
(c) Enterprise Area Network (EAN)
(d) Virtual Area Network (VAN)

Q 43. What is the IEEE standard for Gigabit Ethernet?
(a) IEEE 802.3ab
(b) IEEE 802.34
(c) IEEE 802.3g
(d) IEEE 802.3z.

Q 44. Which of the following options acts as a barrier between local Area Network (LAN) and the Internet?
(a) SQL Injection
(b) Hashing
(C) Firewall
(d) Cross Server Scripting

Q 45. Which of the following networks uses telephone lines?
(D) Wireless

Q 46. Which of the following types of Networks is larger than LAN but smaller than WAN?
(D) None of these

Q 47. For textual Chatting on internet, most common chat protocol is____.
(C) H.323

Q 48. In Infrastructure WLAN, two devices communicate-
(A) Directly
(B) Through wires
(C) Through routers
(D) Through an access Point

Q 49. If computer in a LAN are connected along a single cable than the name given to such a topology is
(A) Bus topology
(B) Star topology
(C) Mesh topology
(D) Hierarchical topology

Q 50. The topology in which every node is connected only to its immediate neighbours is called:
(A) Bus
(B) Mesh
(C) Ring
(D) Star


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