Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Top 10 Programming Languages

Top 10 Programming Languages:- 700 programming languages available in the world, one can get confused on deciding what programming languages to learn. Over the years, even with the increasing competition among different programming languages, a few languages stood out from the competition. These languages are not only relevant today but also are future-ready.

animationTop 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

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1. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language for web development. According to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey, JavaScript has been the most frequently used programming language for the last nine years. JavaScript’s significant advantage over other programming languages is its support for libraries and frameworks. Companies like Facebook and Google have even developed JavaScript frameworks that are widely used in the industry today. JavaScript can be used for frontend and backend development, game development, mobile app development, and even Machine Learning models.

Benefits of JavaScript

  • JavaScript numerous frameworks in JavaScript enable it to be used for several applications.
  • There is a massive demand for JavaScript developers all over the world.
  • JavaScript is easy to learn and is platform independent.
  • JavaScript is used to develop both client-side and server-side applications.

2. Python

Python is an easy to learn, object-oriented, and versatile language. Like JavaScript, the numerous libraries available in Python make it future ready. It is the first choice of most programmers who want to work on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is even used for frontend and backend development, web automation, computer vision, and code testing. With the increase in requirement and demand for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Python is here to stay for the upcoming years.

Benefits of Python

  • Python is one of the easiest languages to learn.
  • Python has a wide variety of applications because of its libraries.
  • We can use Python to build GUI.

3. Java

Java is widely used for the development of client-side applications. Even though it seems like Java is losing its charm, surveys show that Java is still one of the industry’s most widely used languages. Java is used to develop web applications, mobile applications, games, Artificial intelligence, cloud applications, etc. The good thing about Java is that once a Java code is compiled, it can be executed on different platforms (that support Java) without the requirement of recompilation.

Benefits of Java

  • Java is an object-oriented language.
  • Java is a secure language because it does not use explicit pointers.
  • Java uses multi-threading and has robust memory management.

4. TypeScript

Created by Microsoft in 2012, TypeScript has gained massive popularity among developers. According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, TypeScript is the 5th most popular and the 3rd most loved language among developers. TypeScript is built on top of JavaScript, so the code written in JavaScript also works in TypeScript. TypeScript brings support for classes and Object Oriented Programming.

Benefits of TypeScript

  • TypeScript makes it easy to avoid errors because it is type-safe.
  • TypeScript supports classes and objects.
  • TypeScript supports the latest JavaScript features.
  • TypeScript is compatible with all modern-day browsers.

5. C#

C# (C-sharp) is popularly used for the development of games and Windows applications. It is a statically typed, object-oriented language based on the .NET framework. Some of the critical features of C# are – it is fast, scalable, component-oriented, and offers type safety. It has ranked in the top 10 most popular languages almost every year. There are numerous opportunities for C# developers in multiple countries.

Benefits of C#

  • C# is fast and scalable.
  • C# is easy to learn.
  • C# is integrated with .NET libraries.
  • C# has a vast demand in app and game development.

6. Kotlin

Kotlin is the official language for Android Development. More than 60% of the android developers use Kotlin. It is a statically typed language that supports object-oriented programming and functional programming. It is backwards-compatible with Java and supports all libraries in Java. The code written in Kotlin is more concise and readable compared to Java. This is why it has gained a lot of popularity and has become one of the fastest growing languages. Apart from Android development, we can even use it to develop desktop apps and websites.

Benefits of Kotlin

  • Kotlin is simple and more concise than Java.
  • Kotlin solves the problem of the null pointer exception.
  • Kotlin has a high level of safety.
  • We can use Kotlin to develop multi-platform applications.

7. Swift

Apple developed swift in 2014. It is primarily used to build iOS, macOS, and watchOS applications. The development of both client-side and server-side programs can be done using Swift. Swift was created as an upgrade to Objective-C. It is faster than Objective-C, easy to learn, and offers a type interface. It even lets you view the program’s results in real-time. Swift was a part of Stack Overflow’s top 10 most loved programming languages list in 2021.

Benefits of Swift

  • Swift is much faster than Objective-C.
  • Swift is a beginner-friendly language.
  • Swift allows the use of a variety of libraries and frameworks.
  • Swift focuses on program safety and helps us avoid app crashes.

8. C/C++

Both C and C++ are mid-level programming languages. It means that they have the features of both low-level and high-level languages. Because of the low-level features, both these languages are very fast. C is majorly used in the development of operating systems, kernels, and embedded systems. It is the foundation of many programming languages like Ruby and Python. On the other hand, C++ is a superset of C that adds Object Oriented Programming to C. C++ is majorly used for GUI development, game development and desktop applications.

Benefits of C/C++

  • Both C and C++ are very fast.
  • Both languages support dynamic memory allocation.
  • Both languages are easier to understand than low-level languages.
  • C can be used to build embedded systems and operating systems.
  • C++ can be used to build apps and games.

9. Rust

Rust was developed by Mozilla in 2006. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Rust has been the most loved language for the last 6 years. It has even been one of the highest-paying languages all over the world. Rust is a compiled, low-level systems language. Rust is the most loved language because it solves the problems of C and C++: concurrent programming and memory errors. Rust allows us to control the hardware while providing a high level of security.

Benefits of Rust

  • Rust has a robust memory management system and is safer than most languages.
  • Rust is ideal for the development of embedded systems.
  • While it solves the problems in C++, Rust’s speed is comparable to that of C++.
  • We can do debugging and testing quickly in Rust.

10. Go

Launched by Google in 2009, Go (or Golang) has swiftly gained popularity over the years. According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, Go has become more popular than Kotlin, Swift, and Rust and is even the 10th most loved programming language. The speed and simplicity offered by Go have made the language popular. Go is majorly used to create systems-level software but can also be used for cloud computing and backend development. It provides features like type safety, garbage collection, and more.

Benefits of Go

  • Go is fast and efficient.
  • Go comes with an in-built testing tool.
  • Go offers a garbage collector, and it even allows concurrent operations.

new9Which Programming Language Should You Learn?

  • Web-based startups are more likely to be programming in Python and JavaScript.
  • Larger companies tend to develop their internal software applications using C# or Java and their Web applications using PHP.
  • JavaScript, Python, and Java are some of the most commonly used programming languages today.
  • TypeScript is the superset of JavaScript. It brings OOP and type safety to JavaScript.
  • Kotlin is majorly used for developing Android apps, while Swift is used for developing iOS, macOS, and watchOS apps.
  • C# is one of the most popular languages for games and Windows apps development.
  • C is commonly used for building operating systems, while C++ is used for building GUI and games.
  • Rust and Go both are used to build systems-level software. Although Rust is the most loved language, Go is more popular than Rust.

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