Let’s find out which skills will be in trend in 2022 and beyond. Read on!

1. Software Development

The main skill you need to become a software developer is a programming language

2. Data Management

Data management skills are the abilities you use to effectively manage and use information.

3. Business Analysis

Gaining an in depth understanding of business analytics will help you become more attractive to employers

4. Artificial Intelligence

2021 saw a rise in companies’ experimentation phase of AI.

5. Cloud Computing

cloud computing skills were among the top most in-demand skills for employers in the past years.

6. User Experience

To be a UX Designer, you will need to develop fundamental skills in user research

7. Ecommerce

7. Ecommerce

As a result of the pandemic online shopping and ecommerce has grown significantly.

8. Project Management

 Project Managers Institute the demand over the next 10 years for project managers is growing fast.

9. Cyber Security

Number of devices connected to IOT for remote work there has been a rise in cybercrime

It is not vital to have qualifications in IT but it can help, especially as it is becoming more of a high demand job

Top software companies in india 2022

Top software companies in india 2022