Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills 

1.Listen, listen, and listen. People want to know that they are being heard.

2.Who you are talking to matters. It is okay to use acronyms and informal language

3.Body language matters. This is important for face-to-face meetings and video conferencing.

4.Check your message before you hit send. Spell and grammar checkers are lifesavers

5.Be brief, yet specific. For written and verbal communication

6.Write things down. Take notes while you are talking to another person

7.Sometimes it's better to pick up the phone. If you find that you have a lot to say

8.Think before you speak. Always pause before you speak

9.Treat everyone equally. Do not talk down to anyone, treating everyone with respect.

10.Maintain a positive attitude and smile. Even when you are speaking on the phone

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